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“You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl.” When you consider the wide range of musical styles that she has performed and those that have influenced her as a singer songwriter, this well-worn phrase perfectly sums up Michelle Little. Whether it be her genuine execution of a traditional Patsy Cline tune such as, Crazy or her straightforward approach to song writing, there is no doubt that in true country style, this singer has a story to tell.

As you drive into the small rural town of Mendooran, signalling your arrival is a sign that reads, “The oldest town on the Castlereagh”. This is where Michelle Little grew up and developed her love of music - influenced and nurtured by her parents. Now residing in Sydney’s colourful Inner west, those childhood memories seem like a lifetime ago, however those early influences continue to be at the heart of Michelle’s music.

Michelle Little’s singing career has taken her to places she could have only dreamed of as a child including musical mecca’s Nashville and New Orleans in the USA. The Sydney Opera House and Tamworth Country Music Festival stand out in the long list of venues and festivals across Australia where Michelle has performed either as a solo artist - just her and her mini-maton guitar - or with a band made up of her talented friends.

“Hear Me Now” was Michelle’s first full studio album, having previously released an Ep called “That’s What I Like”. These recordings were received enthusiastically by the country music community in Australia and the release of a live recording from her Patsy Cline tribute show in 2016 sparked interest from international listeners.

As is the case in everyone’s life, Michelle’s story includes many setbacks and challenges. However, inspired by the strong female country singers she grew up listening to such as Patsy Cline and Loretta Lyn, Michelle continues to use her life experiences as fuel for her song writing. After a tumultuous few years that saw Michelle lose her father to cancer and the breakdown of her marriage, Michelle went back into the studio to begin recording a new album just as COVID hit. Despite this, Michelle released the first single, “Nice To See You” in May 2020. A timely invitation for fans to reconnect with Michelle’s music. Followed by “Time”, a song that tells the story of Michelle’s separation from her ex-husband. “You Don’t Have To Be A Hero” was released as a tribute to Michelle's late father in January 2021 and the full album along with the title track, "Invincible" was released in July 2021.

“Crazy” is the latest single from songstress, Michelle Little. Lifted from her 2016 album, “Michelle Little Sings the Songs of Patsy Cline”, Michelle’s version of the Willie Nelson penned tune is the first from the album to be offered on streaming services. 


The release of “Crazy” also comes just weeks before Michelle’s return to her beloved Patsy Cline tribute show at Qirkz In The Hunter on September 9th. This will be the first time Michelle has performed her tribute show since the COVID19 pandemic began and will mark the icon’s 91st birthday. 

Michelle said, “I hope by releasing my version of Crazy and doing this birthday show, that people will remember what a fantastic artist Patsy Cline was. I guess I’m just a fan trying to keep her music alive”.

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