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Capture Your “Nice To See You” Moments

So I was scrolling through Facebook looking at some of the photos people put up. A lot of people are starting to come out of isolation after COVID19 and taking the opportunity to catch up with friends and family. It gave me an idea for a video project incorporating my new song, Nice To See You.

So I have started collecting photos from my Facebook friends however, it quickly became clear that some people are still unable to meet up with their nearest and dearest especially since Victorian’s have now gone back into lockdown.

My heart goes out to the residents of our neighbouring state and for that reason I’m opening up the photos to include those who are back in, or still in, isolation.

If you can, please send me a photo of you catching up with friends or family and if you can’t, then send me a selfie of your beautiful smiling face. After all, it doesn’t matter where you are, it is always “Nice To See You!”

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